Web Forwarding

Web Forwarding lets you attach your domain name to any existing Web site. Traffic that arrives at your domain name (www.your-chosen-domain.com) is forwarded through our computers to an existing Web address specified by you.


Getting It

Web Forwarding is included with every new domain name registration. To register a new domain name, click here. You also get Web Forwarding when you transfer a domain name to NameSecure, or when you renew your domain with NameSecure.

Setting It Up

After you purchase a registration, you can visit My Account to configure your Web Forwarding settings. You can change your forwarding settings at no charge at any time, as many times as you like.

If you don't currently have a Web site to forward to, you can set up a free One-Page Mini-Site. You can also turn forwarding off completely.

When Web Forwarding is turned on, you can use the URL Gripper to keep your customized Web address in your visitors' browser location field as they surf your site.