Updated Webmail purchased after May 20, 2021

Congratulations – you have purchased our new email platform! This sleek modern design utilizes robust spam and virus protection with improved infrastructure to deliver enhanced stability and reliability. Enhanced security features include click-time anti-phishing, safe unsubscribe and even self-recovery within 14 days for deleted emails.

How do I navigate within my Webmail and utilize functionality?

To search for topics within the Email app, you can access the extensive user guide by clicking in the menu bar -- to open search box, click and then press simultaneously CTRL-F . You can then type in the topic you wish to search to quickly obtain information on how to utilize the function.

Why Can't I Log into Webmail?

When attempting to log into Webmail, if you see a message that says wrong username or password, make sure you are logging in with the correct mailbox name and password.

Please remember:

- The mailbox name is the primary email address, not an alias. The primary email address can be found in Account Manager under the specific domain name.

- You cannot use an alias email to log-in.

- The password is case sensitive.

Is There a Direct Login for My Webmail?

Often, it is bothersome to constantly log into your Account Manager to access your webmail. If you would like to bypass this, you can access your webmail by simply typing "mail.domain.com" in your browser, where "domain.com" is your domain.

For instance, if you happened to own the domain “namesecure.com", you would type "mail.namesecure.com" into your browser to get to the login page.

Note: For easy access to Webmail, make sure you bookmark this page by adding the address to your Favorites in your browser

Why Can't I Log into my Webmail Using IE8?

Slight differences between this newest version of Internet Explorer and previous versions may cause you to not be able to login to your webmail.

Fortunately, there is a setting within your Internet Explorer browser that will allow your webmail to function normally - in only a few steps:

1. Open Internet Explorer 8 (IE 8)

2. Click "Tools" near the top-right of your browser

3. Click "Compatibility View Settings"

4. Select the "Display all websites in Compatibility View" check box

5. Click "Close"

6. Enter your webmail as you normally would

Note: If changing this setting does not work immediately, you may need to close and restart your browser.