WHOIS NamePrivacy Service


Reduce domain-related spam, deter identity theft and fraud, and prevent marketing harassment or stalking from those who commonly mine the public WHOIS data. With NameSecure's WHOIS NamePrivacy, your sensitive WHOIS data is masked, but you still remain the registrant, and maintain complete control over the domain name!

Shady persons and companies have misused the public WHOIS data for years. Automated programs have even been created to mine WHOIS and harvest the public data to seed marketing lists for their own use, or to sell to corporations. The result is you get a deluge of spam and marketing harassment. And, there have even been cases of identity theft, fraud and even stalking from the misuse of the public WHOIS data source!


  • Reduce junk mail and SPAM
  • Protect your identity from theft, fraud and stalkers
  • Your contact information that you want to keep private is kept out of the database. We mask your e-mail, phone and physical mail address
  • Unlike PROXY services offered by some registrars, you remain the registrant, and maintain complete control over your domain name registration

WHOIS NamePrivacy service is only $9.95/yr (plus the cost of domain registration)

Getting It:
You can easily add WHOIS NamePrivacy Services to any domain during the purchase, transfer in, or Express Renewal process.

Or, you can upgrade any existing domain name in the My Account manager by clicking on the "Upgrade Center" button in the My Account Main Page.

* Plus ICANN Regulatory Fee per year, per domain. Applies to .com, .net, .org, .biz and .info extensions only. Learn more.