URL Gripper

The URL Gripper works with Web Forwarding to keep your custom Web address (http://www.your-chosen-domain.com) in the browser location box while visitors browse different pages in your site.

Benefits of the URL Gripper

Getting It

The URL Gripper is included with every new domain name registration. To register a new domain name, click here. You also get the URL Gripper when you transfer to, or renew a domain name with NameSecure.


Title and Meta tags are descriptive pieces of information that you can add to the HTML code of your Web pages. This information can help search engines accurately catalog your site. You can define Title and Meta tags to be automatically added to your site when the URL Gripper is turned on.

Benefits of Title and Meta tags

Setting Everything Up

You can visit My Account to turn the URL Gripper on or off and to set up your Title and Meta tags. You can change these settings at no charge, as many times as you like. You must be forwarding your domain name to a URL in order to use these features. In addition, the Title and Meta tag feature will only work when the URL Gripper is in use.

  1. Log in to your account and select the domain name you would like to configure
  2. Click the Web Settings tab
  3. Click Modify to the right of Forward to URL
  4. Click the On button below URL Gripper/Title and META Tags:
  5. Click Modify Title and Meta Tags
  6. Fill in your page's title (maximum of 100 characters), description (maximum of 255 characters), and keywords (maximum of 100 characters)
  7. Click Submit, check your settings, and click Submit again