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Starting a new business can be expensive. Start-up fees can, including the costs associated with obtaining an online identity, can really add up, which is why savvy business owners purchase their cheap domain names,cheap web server hosting, e-mail packages and more from NameSecure.com. Register domains for as low as $12.95 per year.

NameSecure: cheap domain name registrar

For good value at a great price, NameSecure is number one when it comes to cheap domain name registration. We make it easy for customers to obtain cheap domains, email accounts and hosting because we want businesses to be able to create online identities.

The first step in beginning any online business is to brainstorm URL ideas. Your URL should be easy to remember and also relevant to your products and services. This will help customers find you as well as make it easier for the search engines to pin point exactly what it is that you do.

Once you've picked some URLs that you'd be interested in buying, you will need to use NameSecure's easy-to-use domain name search tool. NameSecure is a cheap domain name registrar, so use of this tool is absolutely free. Once you find a domain name that is available and relevant, simply purchase it on our Web site.

Cheap domains, email accounts and hosting

Also, if you prefer to buy bulk, you can easily find what you need with our domain registration search tool. Simply use our Bulk Search tool to find out if the .com, .info, .net or other URL extensions you desire are available. In all honesty, buying multiple domain names that use the same verbiage but have different extensions is a smart marketing move when you need to register web domain names.

For example, if you purchase johnstreemarket.com it is wise to also buy johnstreemarket.net, etc. because you can use a 301 Redirect to send incoming traffic from one domain to another. This means customers who type the wrong extension into a search engine will still end up at the correct Web business. Solution Provider NameSecure.com has lots of other tips regarding cheap domains, email accounts, so contact them today for more information on their cheap Web site hosting, domain names and email service.

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* Plus ICANN Regulatory Fee per year, per domain. Applies to .com, .net, .org, .biz and .info extensions only. Learn more.